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  • 08.09.2018
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Daizshura | 10.09.2018
I want U to lick all up and down my chocolate factory ;)
Shakakinos | 15.09.2018
Forget about Christ as a religious figure, just grok his stuff as philosophy. Its a philosophy of loving others, forgiving others, catching the spirit of loving others, graduating from notions of law and conduct based on law, and thus sin which is a function of the law. Mature folks (those ready to move on from law based behavior are taught by Christ affirmatively to love others as a matter of having the heart to do that, not because of law. Further to his teaching, he advised folks to therefore not judge other folks according to the law, lest they effectively judge themselves. There is nothing supernatural in that teaching, but it does require faith that what the dude is saying is true and that a philosophy of loving others is something worth following.

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